Not entirely alone …

Whilst I am not in a relationship it is very rare that I am actually on my own, mainly down to my scruffy sidekick Elvis. Elvis is an 8 year old Jack Russell x Bichon Frise and he is ace. He is a cat stuck in a dogs body, who sleeps for at least 20 hours a day. At least.

He is so spoilt it is ridiculous. He comes to work with me, where a couple of the younger guys in the office actually sit down next to his bed to stroke him to sleep, just before feeding him the last remains of their lunch. You would think Elv would be thrilled with this sort of attention a Labrador would only dream of, but not so. Elv is Grumblestiltskin, he doesn’t want attention of humans, he wants to sleep, eat chicken and play with his ball. That’s it. He prefers it if he can see me at all times, but he doesn’t want me to touch him preferably. The only humans he loves, beyond exception, is children under 5. He wants to lick them, lie next to them, follow them, be with them. Should I have a baby it will be the greatest thing I have ever done for him!

He is brilliant in his character. He has been with me through my darkest days and I wouldn’t be without him and his feline eccentricities. He is, before this, the best decision I have ever made.


Photo: Taken on the meadow behind our house, at his favourite time of year. He is smiling at his ball, not me.

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    Leila October 15, 2016 (7:09 pm)

    Elvis lives!