Out of my depth …

I am sat sniffling through a cold, doing my homework. It has become clear to me that I am pretty out of my depth in the fertility field. Every time I think I am turning a corner with knowing the lay of the land, I come across something else to look into or make a decision about or note down to ask at the clinic.

Did you know sperm and semen are not the same thing??? This blew my tiny mind. I have, for 37 years, thought that there were the same things. I thought for everything I didn’t know I could be sure of that? Not that I have ever given as much thought to the either as I have in the last few months. Nor do I intend to again! I want to go back to getting excited about the Dine in for Two for £10 meal deal at M&S. Which, if you are single, can last all week. I can’t wait for all my time to not be about questions and decision.

You even have to chose how the sperm comes to you. Dry Ice or Nitrogen? Why are they giving me the option? Surely they know which is best? Surely if one is better than the other I am going to go for the most expensive? Or is it a time thing? Should you use one for 1st Class post and one if you are going Special Delivery? I mean seriously.

Anyway, I should stop writing this and try and work out how ml of sperm I need to buy.


Photo: Taken this morning in the meadow behind my house. The best time of year.

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