Tell me something good …

Recently, I have read and watched roughly one billion and four things about choosing to become a single parent. Pretty much all of the them have gone through this whole process in some sort of secret bubble, not telling people what they are doing until they are successful with a pregnancy.

I am not that person. I am not good at keeping things in. At all. I’m useless. Also this is going to be seriously hard, I am going to need all the listening ears and support I can get,especially if things go wrong. So I am telling people. My boss knows, which I know sounds bonkers, but she is also a good friend and I will need her support now more than ever. I randomly met an old school friend in the doctors waiting room last week, she had her 6 week old baby with her, she thrust the tiny bundle at me for some time off and asked me why I was there, so she knows! A supper with the girls earlier in the week saw me announce my plans to them, although they all secretly already knew.

What I have found is that not one person, not one, has said anything other than brilliant and positive things. They haven’t said anything negative, at all. No horror stories, no exclamations of madness. Mainly they have said they were waiting for me to do it or that I would be a brilliant mum. It has seriously surprised me, the good will, the love. Mind you, I haven’t started telling the older generation yet, my parents friends. They are pretty old school, you know the sort of generation that truly believe drink driving isn’t a thing. So I suspect I may come up against some shocked expressions there, but I know that if my darling Mum were here, she would be holding my hand in her perfectly manicured one and stroking my head in support, and that is all I need to know.

Back to those still of this earth though … I am glad friends are offering love and support, because god knows I am going to need every ounce I can get.


Photo: Taken whilst I was telling my friend Paul all about my plans.

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